With a long hike planned tomorrow, I decided to fit in a couple small hikes nearby. Choosing to check out Lindabury Orchard and Great Meadow, both of which are in Amherst, NH.


This is a pretty small park, but would be a great place for a picnic. The park has a few picnic tables, and a good view between all the trees.


I’ve been meaning to check out this small park for awhile, finding online this winter when I began checking out local places to explore.


The Lindabury trail is a short trail right off of the single parking space, which leads thru the old orchard and into the woods.


As I was passing thru the orchard, some of the trees were bearing some apples and were starting to ripen. Reminding me that fall isn’t too far away.


Even though this is a really small park, I actually thought it was really beautiful and peaceful.


I think I’ve posted too many pictures in this post for the size of the hike.


So I’ll keep throwing these filler sentences in between them.


I just need to kill the space until I reached Great Meadow. Another small park in Amherst.


Across from the elementary school, this is a real short hike to an awesome observation platform with some steps into the marsh.


It’s evident that this was designed to take the school children out to explore, as there are multiple benches built into the walkway.


But nevertheless it’s another cool spot that I’ve gotten to check out. I should bring a fishing rod out here, as the platform would be a great spot to cast from.